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"Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dream Academy - Founder Jalee Fuselier


Dream Academy was founded by Jalee Fuselier in 2005. We meet once a week on the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii. This organization is helping our state’s children achieve their dreams. Through academic, social, and values enrichment, we empower children to believe in themselves and to succeed.


Through our innovative afterschool and mentoring program, we are transforming children into dreamers who envision and realize their potential. Dream academy addresses the urgent needs of children through promoting literacy, self- expression, and positive role models. High school volunteers and children are paired together for reading and activities. Having one person care for them on a personal level holds immeasurable worth in the life of a child.


Our dream is to ensure that all children, no matter their start in life, can pursue their own special dreams.




“Helping out with Dream Academy has really helped me to prepare for the real world. I’ve learned to be more responsible and to be prepared to work with whatever I’m being faced with. I also learned about patience when dealing with anything in life.”

- Sam

Sophomore, Waialua High School

Dream Academy Volunteer


“Being the only boy has been very awkward at first. Because it was all girls.  But being a volunteer for Dream Academy made me feel more welcome even if I’m the only boy there. I try to come as much i can."

- Keoni
Sophomore, Waialua High School
Dream Academy Volunteer


“Being a volunteer at Dream Academy has helped me prepare for the real world.  I am gaining experience that will help me for the future and learning the importance of giving back to the community has helped me grow as a person.  knowing that i can make an impact on these girls lives made me realize that i an be a good role model to these girls and has made my volunteering at Dream Academy completely worthwhile.”
Sophomore, Waialua High School
Dream Academy Volunteer


“I started coming to Dream Academy in 1st grade. Now I’m in 5th grade and can be a helper for the other ones.”
- Felicia
Haleiwa Elementary School
Dream Academy Participant






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