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“Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve.”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

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Presidential Volunteer Service Awards


The President’s Volunteer Service Awards are national awards endorsed and signed by the President of the United States to reward service. Recipients of this award receive an official Certificate given through Ready for the Real World Inc.

This is a great resume builder and incentive to reward volunteer service.
It’s easy to apply!

You must keep a record of your volunteer activities serving your neighbor, your community, your country, and/or the world. There are many different awards available based upon your service activity.


Age Group / Level

Bronze Level

Silver Level

Gold Level

Kids 5-14 

50 to 74 hours

75 to 99 hours

100 hours or more

Young Adults 15-25

100 to 174 hours

175 to 249 hours

250 hours or more

Adults 26+

100 to 249 hours

250 to 499 hours

500 hours or more

Family & Groups

200 to 499 hours

500 to 999 hours

1000 hours or more


• As you volunteer, keep track of your hours with supervision signature.
Click here to print out and log in hours
• After you have completed enough hours for an award, please e-mail Jalee at


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