Ready for the Real World

“Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve.”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

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Ready for the Ready World Inc. is only made possible through the generous donations of individuals, businesses, churches, and other organizations.

We want to thank those who have given so generously. We appreciate your kindness and commitment to empower youth with the means to achieve their dreams. Our sponsors are the true heroes of this organization and make scholarships and grants possible each year.


Mahalo to our generous supporters!

Would you like to help youth reach their dreams?





• American Carpet One Foundation

North Shore News

• Coffee Gallery


• Dellew Corporation

Dellew Corporation

• Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson

• Grace Bible Church


• Headshots Hawaii

• Midori Designs Online

   -  Mahalo for a great website to promote service in our communities!

Midori Designs Online

• North Shore Community Management Corporation


• North Shore News

North Shore News

• Pacific Island Revival Center

Pacific Island Revival Center

• Spaghettini Inc.

North Shore News

Wahiawa Door of Faith
   -  Contact Pastor Stephen and Jessica Zariello  •  808.621.0061


• 11 Step Getaway
  •  listing #: 189191

11 Step Getaway



• Aly and Larry Bushe

• Makanalani Bushe

• Leola Deville

• Diane Enovejas

• Kelsey and Druscilla Lewis

• Cathy Mallett

• Mark Palompo - logo design:

• Essie and Bessie Richard

• C (Tank) Saito
• Carl and Nalani Vasquez


Help achieve our youths' dreams...

Ready for the Real World Scholarship
  Global Citizenship Grant
  Jalee Kate Fuselier Community Service Scholarship

Gold Sponsor - Dennis Wilson

Wilson Financial Services Dennis Wilson - Wilson Financial Services



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